We work hard for our clients’ success, and we do it with honesty and integrity. That may sound simple, but it’s something many companies seem to have forgotten.By fully understanding our clients and their financial goals, we can help them create a plan for their goals. 

Our Vision

To be a premier wealth management practice for today’s financially successful, providing planning and investment solutions, with integrity and trust as our foundation.

Our Purpose

To help our clients create a balanced life through building wealth and financial freedom with confidence and understanding.

Our Mission

To get to know our clients by understanding their personal and financial goals and to help formulate and implement a written plan to seek those goals.

Our Guiding Principles & Values

Our clients’ success will be the determining factor in our success as a company. We will combine our experience and knowledge with our genuine concern for each client to develop customized financial strategies and solutions. With strategies in place, we will work with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals.

Client Focus – We develop long-term relationships, with the client’s success serving as the measure of our achievement.

Quality – We strive to deliver only the highest quality service to our clients. Our output must be accurate, timely and meaningful to the client.

Loyalty – We are loyal in our relationship with our clients. Once a client has placed their trust in our practice, we work consistently and diligently to help them achieve their goals. All clients are treated as though they are the first, last, and only client.

Respect – We treat our clients coworkers, service providers, and other industry professionals with proper respect and courtesy at all times. We focus on solutions, not problems. A team atmosphere is promoted and rewarded.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves as though every action or spoken word will be reported publicly.

Community Service – We value the community we live in and seek to provide leadership and support to various nonprofit organizations on a consistent basis.

Prairie Wealth Advisors, Inc®. is a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Prairie Wealth Advisors, Inc®. and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure. This website is solely for informational purposes.  Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital. No advice may be rendered by Prairie Wealth Advisors, Inc®. unless a client service agreement is in place. Any communications with prospective clients residing in states or international jurisdictions where Prairie Wealth Advisors, Inc®. and its representatives are not registered or licensed shall be limited so as not to trigger registration or licensing requirements.